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Every child will get the opportunity into the world of reading adventure.

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We create character-building experiences through books.

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Water is a precious gift that is all around me. It can float in the sky as clouds and fall as rain or snow, filling rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. I am glad I have water to stay clean and quench my thirst. I need it inside of me to keep me hydrated. Without water, I can't survive.

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Pomi, a curious girl, made friends with the moon. She loves singing songs, and the moon enjoys listening to them. They talk and have fun every night while the moon shares her secrets with Pomi. Pomi is always surprised to hear those secrets.

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Have you ever seen stars dancing like Orion? Orion is a talented painter, and one day, he set out to depict the stars in the sky. The stars were so joyful that they started dancing and holding each other's hands to please Orion. They showed different shapes and filled the sky with their sprinkling colors.

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Tatariwochu niboch

Do you have a curiosity about bees? We are hard-working insects that reside in a beehive. In our family, the queen bee serves as the head. We go to the garden to play with the vibrant flowers after the dancing bee. They provide us with their nectar, which we use to make honey. Worker bees make the honey. Soldier bees protect the hive where we live from intruders. We are excited to work together!

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Don't panic whenever you hear a siren; I am the ambulance making that sound, helping injured people and taking them to a hospital. The other cars clear the road so that I can go fast. I have doctors, a bed, medical supplies, and other things inside of me to comfort the patient. I am always happy to help people.

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Wuhaye enkwan tewaweken

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All books will be available in three different local languages (Amharic, Oromiffa and Tigrigna).

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Pomi & Chereka

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Tatariwochu neboch

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On a mission to empower the youth

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Lulawi aims to catalyze young people's exposure to the future and bring them to the front. We create character-building experiences through books. Children will imagine, learn new things, and take pleasure as they read. They bravely will use their imaginations to explore the world as books introduce them to fresh encounters and give them hope that there are no boundaries.

Lulawi anticipates reaching out to Ethiopian children through a series of concept books written in different local languages. We envision making their horizons full of constellations of books. Therefore, they acquire knowledge and widen their imagination scope. The constellations will incorporate a variety of disciplines presented by considering the level of the reader. These will increase the exposure to different interests and skills that will bring ideas and thoughts to the readers's attention and become all-rounded.

Our mission is to develop a way to nurture and guide young children toward a more profound knowledge and understanding of the world. We hope to live up to the name Lulawi, the Amharic word for "global," by giving children what they deserve to develop a global perspective and make a positive difference.

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